Air Quality and Climate

On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicle Air Quality Loan Program

Loans enrolled in the On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicle Air Quality Loan Program can be used to finance heavy-duty trucks and buses (over 14,000 GVWR) equipped with engines certified to specified engine emission standards for 2007 and newer model year engines, and diesel exhaust retrofits. The California Capital Access Program (CalCAP) together with the California Air Resources Board may provide up to 100% coverage on certain loan defaults.

Our mission is to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles traveling in, to and through San Mateo County, reducing vehicle emissions resulting in improved air quality. Our goal is to help people find ways to get to work that are faster, cheaper, and/or easier through commuter information, employer programs, and city transportation demand management partnerships.

Climate Solutions University (CSU)

CSU aids local rural communities, connected through a peer learning network, by offering training, expertise, and support in climate adaptation planning. Through this training, expertise, and support, CSU strengthens local leadership, public engagement, and ecosystem protection efforts in rural communities. In the past, CSU has offered two distance-learning programs; the Climate Adaptation Plan Development Program and the Climate Adaptation Plan Implementation Program. The development program results in a local climate adaptation plan (focusing on forest and water resource resilience).

Drought Response Program

The California Conservation Corps can work with schools, public agencies, and commercial properties.

There are five CCC crews trained to assist with water conservation work, including installation of new irrigation systems and turf removal for state and local agencies. The drought legislation also allows the CCC to help with water conservation measures on commercial properties.

The CCC has funding to complete water conservation projects through June 30, 2016.