Source Reduction and Reuse

Solid Waste Management Grants

This program reduces or eliminates pollution of water resources by providing funding for organizations that provide technical assistance or training to improve the planning and management of solid waste sites.
  • Evaluate current landfill conditions to identify threats to water resources.
  • Provide technical assistance or training to enhance the operation and maintenance of active landfills.
  • Provide technical assistance or training to help communities reduce the amount of solid waste coming into a landfill.

Solid Waste Management Grant Program

The Solid Waste Management (SWM) Grant Program has been established to assist communities through free technical assistance and/or training provided by the grant recipients. Qualified organizations will receive SWM grant funds to reduce or eliminate pollution of water resources in rural areas, and improve planning and management of solid waste sites in rural areas.

Alameda County-General Minigrant Program

The Minigrant program is designed to provide small amounts of money, within a brief period of time, for a specific and limited purpose and open to all applicants located in Alameda County – private firms, non-profit organizations, schools and individuals. The proposed project must be in the area of source reduction, reuse, recycling and market development. Funds may also be requested for educational programs that promote source reduction, reuse, recycling and buy recycled.

Alameda County-Food Waste Prevention Grant

Funds are available for innovative and replicable food waste prevention and/or surplus food recovery projects for both businesses and nonprofits. Project applicants recovering edible surplus food must demonstrate a reduction of food purchasing/inputs or a corresponding increase in food recovered/diverted from landfill in Alameda County to feed the hungry or re-purposed for animal feed. Funding is available for education and outreach activities, tools and other efforts associated with the prevention, reduction and/or recovery of wasted food in Alameda County.

Alameda County-Competitve Grant Program

Funding via the competitive grants program is available to nonprofit entities for innovative projects that increase individual and community involvement in source reduction and recycling efforts, decrease the amount of waste generated and sent to the County’s landfills, and encourage the development, marketing and use of recycled products. While no maximum award amounts have been set, grants are typically expected to be in the range of $25,000- $65,000.

The StopWaste Revolving Loan Fund

The StopWaste Revolving Loan Fund provides low interest loans for businesses and non-profits that utilize recycled, composted or reused materials. Designed to support the growth of a robust reuse- and recycling-based economy, these low interest loans provide flexible financing options. This loan is available to businesses in these counties: Alameda County businesses, or business located in the counties of Contra Costa, San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Joaquin or Stanislaus.

Tire-Derived Aggregate Grant Program (FY 2015-16)

The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) administers a program to provide opportunities to divert waste tires from landfill disposal, prevent illegal tire dumping, and promote markets for recycled-content tire products. The Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA) Grant Program (Program) provides assistance to civil engineers in solving a variety of engineering challenges. TDA, which is produced from shredded tires, is lightweight, free-draining, and a less expensive alternative to conventional lightweight aggregates.