#DrivingClean - Light- Duty Financing Assistance in Disadvantaged Communities (Bay Area only)

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Community Housing Development Corporation (CHDC) announced a pilot program offering residents in targeted disadvantaged communities the opportunity to purchase fuel efficient, and ultra-clean, vehicles. This project will allow CHDC to provide financial assistance (price buy-down grants and loans) opportunities enabling consumers to purchase advanced technology vehicles, which will result in immediate greenhouse gas benefits and clean transportation.

FY17 Supplemental for State-Amtrak Intercity Passenger Rail Committee

Upon award of the grant, NNEPRA will, in full cooperation with the SAIPRC Officers, use received funds to select a contractor and to support payments to the selected contractor for providing analytical, strategic planning, and administrative support to implement Section 209. These services will facilitate and support the relationship between state SAIPRC Members, Amtrak, and FRA.

Vehicle Buyback Program

Get paid to turn in your working older car or small truck for scrapping. This program reduces air pollution in the Bay Area by taking older vehicles off the road. The Vehicle Buy Back Program will pay Bay Area residents $1,000 to turn in their operable, registered, 1994 or older vehicle for scrapping.

Locomotives Upgrade and Replacement Program

Funds are available for the following project types: Locomotive replacement - replace an old locomotive with the cleanest available locomotive, engine replacement (repower) - replace an old engine with a new, emission-certified engine, engine retrofit - install an emission control or idle-limiting device remanufacture kit - install an engine remanufacture kit that reduces engine emissions, head end power unit replacement - replace the locomotive head end power unit with the cleanest available engine.

Marine Vessels and Equipment - Bay Area AQMD

Upgrade or replace diesel-powered marine engines with funding from the Carl Moyer Program. This program aims to cut air pollution from heavy-duty diesel engines in California. Funds are available for the following project types: Engine replacement (repower) - replace a vessel’s engine with a newer, lower-emission-certified engine; Remanufacture kit - install an engine remanufacture kit that reduces the engine’s emissions; Engine retrofit - install an ARB-verified diesel emission control strategy device.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program - Antelope Valley AQMD

The Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District's (AVAQMD) Alternative Fuel Vehicle Incentive Program has realized tremendous growth in the past few years. Emissions from vehicles are the largest contributor to locally generated air pollution in the Antelope Valley. The AVAQMD's Governing Board has made it a priority to provide local residents various opportunities to convert from their existing, higher emitting vehicles to newer, cleaner vehicles.