CalRecycle Recycled Fiber, Plastic and Glass Program

The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) offers the Recycled Fiber, Plastic, and Glass Grant Program pursuant to Public Resources Code section 42999. The purpose of this competitive grant program is to lower overall greenhouse gas emissions by expanding existing capacity or establishing new facilities in California that use California-generated postconsumer recycled fiber (paper, textiles, carpet, or wood), plastic, or glass to manufacture products.

Women and Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Fields Program (WAMS)

This program supports research and extension projects that have robust collaborations to increase the participation of women and underrepresented minorities from rural areas in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields that are relevant to USDA priorities identified by the Secretary: (i) Promotion of a safe, sufficient, and nutritious food supply for all Americans and for people around the world; (ii) Sustainable agricultural policies that foster economic viability for small and mid-sized farms and rural businesses, protect natural resources, and promote value-added agricultu

Incentive Wood Stove Replacement Program

On July 17, 2007, the Board of Directors approved $55,000 to fund the woodstove/fireplace replacement incentive program (Chimney Smoke RIP), to encourage homeowners to permanently remove or replace older wood stoves or fireplaces with cleaner burning devices to improve winter air quality through reduction of particulate matter (PM) emissions caused by inefficient residential wood combustion.

On-Road Heavy-Duty Voucher Incentive Program (VIP)

The On-Road Heavy-Duty Voucher Incentive Program (VIP) takes the current criteria of the Carl Moyer Program Fleet Modernization program and streamlines the requirements for both participants and air districts. By streamlining the guideline requirements, the goal of the voucher program is to provide funding opportunities for fleets with 10 or fewer vehicles to quickly replace or retrofit their older heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging Station - SMUD - Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Installing charging stations on your property can provide a valuable amenity for attracting and retaining new customers or employees who are current electric vehicle owners or those who may be considering purchasing an electric vehicle. This not only benefits your customers and employees but also helps demonstrate your environmental leadership.

SMUD can help you provide this valuable amenity by offering an incentive of up to $100,000 for each DC fast charger project. Incentives are available for up to 6 projects in 2017.

Workplace Charger Incentive - EV Charging - SMUD - Sacramento Municipal Utility District rebate

Charging stations at workplaces, where cars spend much of their time, is a benefit that can help meet the needs of your employees who own or are considering an electric vehicle. Installing charging stations at your workplace not only benefits your employees but also helps demonstrate your environmental leadership.

Logging Truck Improvement/ Emissions Reductions Program

The Truck Improvement/Modernization Benefitting Emission Reductions (TIMBER) Program provides a streamlined voucher funding option to reduce emissions by replacing 2002 or older model diesel engine log trucks with 2010 or newer model diesel engine log trucks. When used to offset vehicle replacement costs, qualifying projects are eligible for up to $60,000. More information about the TIMBER program can be found at California Air Resources Board’s TIMBER website.

SDG&E (Gas) - Energy Efficiency Business Rebates

SDG&E offers incentive programs for businesses looking to improve their energy efficiency. Customers should contact SDG&E regarding eligibility and maximum incentive amounts. More information and program details can be found in the program handbook. Overall Program DetailsIncentive AmountSpace Heating Boiler: $0.25 per MBtuhDirect Contact Water Heater: $2 per MBtuhInstantaneous Water Heater: $0.50 - $2 per MbtuhStorage Water Heater: $2 per MBtuhProcess Boiler/Water Heater: $0.50 per MBtuhClothes Washer: $35 or $75 per unitFood Service Equipment: varies

SDG&E (Electric) - Energy Efficiency Business Rebates

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) offers incentive programs for businesses looking to improve their energy efficiency. In addition to incentives, SDG&E also provides technical advice. See website for complete details. Overall Program DetailsIncentive AmountFood Service Equipment: varies Commercial Refrigeration/Freezers: varies Window Film: $1.35/sq. ft.Network Power Management Software: $15/desk top computerVending Machine Controller: $100/unitIrrigation: $1.15/low pressure nozzle; $44/acre drip irrigationGreenhouse Heat Curtain: $0.40/sq.