Central Valley Project Improvement Act Grant Program

Proposition 1, the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014, allocates $475,000,000 to the California Natural Resources Agency for projects that fulfill the obligations of the State of California in complying with the terms of several agreements. One of the agreements is the Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA). The 2016/17 budget appropriated $89.15 million from this allocation to meet the state’s commitments for implementation of Section 3406(d) of CVPIA to improve water deliveries on the wildlife habitat areas. All proposals must demonstrate how the project will measurably increase or make more reliable Level 2 water and Incremental Level 4 water deliveries to one or more of the 19 wildlife habitat areas identified in the CVPIA Refuge Water Supply Program– see Appendix E. The following project types are consistent with actions outlined in the California Water Action Plan – Water for Wetlands and Waterfowl. • Finalizing existing water conveyance construction projects where federal funding is insufficient to attain project completion. • Development of new, or improvement of existing water conveyance facilities that ensure and improve capacity and reliability for delivery of refuge water supplies. • Acquisition of permanent water rights or conservation easements which provide firm water supplies of suitable water quality. Acquisition of senior water rights with documented priority, historic availability and continued beneficial use, as well as compliance reporting to the State Water Resources Control Board. • Acquisition of temporary or short term water supplies where permanent water rights or conservation easements are not available may also be considered. Other Requirements - see link for full details
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California Natural Resources Agency
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Central Valley Project Improvement Act Grant Program Natural Resources Agency 1416 9th Street, 13th Floor Sacramento, CA 95814
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Mutual water company

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Bonds and Grants Unit cvpia@resources.ca.gov (916) 653-2812