Sonoran Joint Venture Migratory Bird Program

The Sonoran Joint Venture (SJV) Awards Program supports the investigation and conservation of birds and their habitats within SJV boundaries by providing funds through a competitive program. Proposals for projects that support the SJV mission and objectives and fall into the broad categories of habitat, monitoring, or planning, are eligible for funding. Components of your project may also include outreach, education, community involvement, research, ecotourism, or professional training, but the overall outcome must support habitat, monitoring, or planning.

California Coasts and Mountains
• Protect habitat from fragmentation and encroachment
• Restore native habitat and bird populations on islands, including invasive species removal
• Coordinate or facilitate surveillance and enforcement to minimize disturbance to nesting birds
• Improve beaches for nesting birds including Least Tern, Snowy Plover, and other migratory shorebirds
• Manage and protect hydrological function of wetlands and riparian areas
• Restore and manage estuarine habitat
• Support coordinated breeding and wintering waterbird surveys

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Fish and Wildlife Service
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Budget and Grants Analyst Sara Williams Budget and Grants Analyst Sara Williams 505 248-7462,,