Federal Cost Share Under the Electric Program Investment Charge

Federal Cost Share (PON-14-308):

The purpose of this solicitation is to provide cost share funding to applicants that apply for and receive an award under an eligible federal Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) and meet the requirements of this solicitation.

Projects must fall within one or both of the following stages:
1) The “applied research and development” stage, which includes activities that support pre-commercial technologies and approaches that are designed to solve specific problems in the electricity sector. Applied research and development activities include early, pilot-scale testing activities that are necessary to demonstrate the feasibility of pre-commercial technologies.
2) The “technology demonstration and deployment” stage, which involves the installation and operation of pre-commercial technologies or strategies at a scale sufficiently large and in conditions sufficiently reflective of anticipated actual operating environments to enable appraisal of operational and performance characteristics, and of financial risks.

This solicitation will award projects funded by the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Program, an electricity ratepayer surcharge established by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Funding Entity: 
Award Amount: 

There is up to $15,000,000 available from the 2015-2017 EPIC Triennial Investment Plan for cost share grants awarded under this solicitation.

Maximum Award Amount: 
Implementing Sector
Implementing Sector: 
California Energy Commission
Additional Eligibility Information: 
Applicants are not eligible to receive cost share under this solicitation to supplement an existing federal award. This solicitation is open to all public and private entities and individuals, with the exception of publicly-owned utilities.
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Agency Contact(s)

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Sandra Raymos Sandra.Raymos@energy.ca.gov (916) 654-4584 Commission Agreement Officer