Advancing Concrete Pavement Technology Solutions

The FHWA hereby requests applications for assistance to result in the award of one new Cooperative Agreement, entitled, “Advancing Concrete Pavement Technology Solutions.” This Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is issued on a competitive basis to all eligible applicants per Section C, Eligible Applicants. The purpose of the proposed Agreement is to further an ongoing Pavement Technology Program, which includes the deployment of innovative technologies to improve pavement performance. A key area is the development and transfer of new technologies. It is necessary to deliver tools and guidance documents to States to support the increased knowledge of concrete materials, concrete pavement design, construction, and maintenance. COST SHARING OR MATCHING: Cost sharing or matching is required during performance of the Agreement. The Federal share of the cost of the project is 80 percent. See Legislative Authority in NOFO SECTION A for specific cost share citations. NOTE: The “cost of the project” consists of the Federal share and the cost share combined. Accordingly, the Federal share must be a maximum of 80 percent of the cost of the value of Federal share and cost share combined. The Federal share of the cost of the project can be less than 80 percent, but cannot exceed 80 percent. NOTE: A minimum cost share of 20% is required. Applicants are encouraged to consider the potential benefits of leveraging additional non-federal resources. Although not required, FHWA considers it desirable for applicants to propose up to 50% in non-federal matching contribution. Any additional degree of cost share and leveraging of non-federal funds will be considered beneficial to the extent the cost share is considered feasible and demonstrates a furtherance of the goals of the program.

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DOT Federal Highway Administration
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This competition is open to universities and colleges, private sector entities, and nonprofit organizations.
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