Wood Stove Change-Out Program For San Lorenzo Valley

Starting September 6, 2017, homeowners in the San Lorenzo Valley can save between $1,000 to $2,500 by replacing their old wood stove or fireplace with a natural gas, propane or pellet fueled stove or fireplace insert. The program helps homeowners save money while improving the air quality in their homes and neighborhoods by changing out old wood burning devices with a cleaner alternative.

A total of $75,000 has been set aside for the program. The incentives will be distributed to qualifying applicants on a first-come, first-served basis until the funds are depleted. The program focuses on the San Lorenzo Valley in the Santa Cruz Mountains where wintertime residential wood smoke is especially problematic. The unique combination of frequent winter inversions coupled with an abundance of residents who burn wood to heat their homes can cause fine particulate (PM2.5) levels to rise above EPA’s health based air quality standard for PM2.5.

Monterey Bay Air Resources District
Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District

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Implementing Sector: 
Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District
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