Caltrans Strategic Partnerships Grants

Caltrans is pleased to release the FY 2019-20 Grant Application Guides and call-for-applications for State and federal funding, as well as grant funding from Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair & Accountability Act of 2017.

The Strategic Partnerships Grants will provide $4.5 million in funding to identify and address statewide, interregional, or regional transportation deficiencies on the State highway system in partnership with Caltrans. The transit component that will fund planning projects that address multimodal transportation deficiencies with a focus on transit.

The Federal Highway Administration will provide $1.5 million to fund transportation planning studies in partnership with Caltrans that address the regional, interregional and statewide needs of the State highway system.

The Federal Transit Administration will provide $3 million to fund multimodal planning studies with a focus on transit, in partnership with Caltrans, of regional, interregional and statewide significance.

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