Food Production Investment Program

Food production costs generally tend to be higher in California than elsewhere and California’s food processing industry faces stiff out-of-state and international competition. Providing support for updating and improving food production facilities with energy efficient and/or renewable energy technologies will reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This could help ensure California’s food processing industries remain competitive and operational, and the jobs associated with food production remain in California. The goals of the program are to accelerate the adoption of advanced energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies at California food processing plants, demonstrate their reliability and effectiveness, help California food processors work towards a low carbon future, and benefit priority populations. The technologies to be funded by this Grant Funding Opportunity (GFO) will help reduce energy costs, maintain product quantity and quality, and reduce GHG emissions associated with food production. The FPIP is open to all California food processors. All projects funded under FPIP must reduce GHG emissions and further the purposes of AB 32 and SB 32 and must be located at a food processing plant in California. The FPIP will assist California food producers to achieve the following in their facilities:
  • Modernization: Support adoption of commercially available, energy efficient equipment upgrades that are “drop-in ready” replacements or additions to existing equipment or processes that provide greater GHG emission reductions than current best practices or industry standard equipment.
  • Driving the Future: Support adoption and demonstration of emerging technologies needed to achieve major GHG emission reductions necessary to accelerate the food processing industry into a low carbon future.
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