Ocean Protection Council Proposition 1 Grant

The four priority issue areas for Proposition 1 funding are: marine managed areas; coastal and ocean water quality impacts; fisheries; and climate change adaptation. See the OPC Grant Guidelines and 2019 Grant Proposal Solicitation for more details on funding priorities.

Funding Entity: 
The OPC has designated a minimum for grant proposals to be $250,000. Projects with budgets of less than this amount will not be considered. The exception to this minimum is the Prop 1 Small Grants category. These small grants have a minimum project budget of $50,000. A maximum of 5 “small grants” projects will be accepted for consideration by the OPC per funding round due to staffing limitations. In order to qualify for this category, “small grant” projects must fall into one of these categories: - Proposal comes from a “disadvantaged community” as defined in Section 2.6 below. - Proposal can be defined as a “pilot project” that tests out an innovative new approach, and/or could be scaled up if shown to be effective. Project proponents are encouraged to discuss potential small grants with OPC staff in advance of submittal.
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Implementing Sector: 
Ocean Protection Council
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