U.S. EPA Cooperative Agreement: Tribal Support for Participation in the National Environmental Information Exchange Network

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This notice announces the availability of funds and solicits applications from eligible organizations to provide the outreach and technical assistance necessary to increase tribal participation in the National Environmental Information Exchange Network (EN) (http://www.exchangenetwork.net/), which is an element of E-Enterprise for the Environment (EE) (https://e-enterprisefortheenvironment.net). The EN is an Internet-based system used by state, tribal and territorial partners to securely share environmental and health information with one another and EPA (https://www.epa.gov/exchangenetwork). The objective of the cooperative agreement is to strengthen the data and information technology (IT) management skills of tribes so they can fully participate in innovative technology efforts of the EN, and incorporate data schema, software, and services developed by EN partnerships into their environmental management programs.

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66.608 -- Environmental Information Exchange Network Grant Program and Related Assistance
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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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An important element of the EN Grants program is to support building the data and information technology management capacity of organizations that want to participate in the EN, including federally recognized tribes or tribal organizations that support such tribes. Achieving this capacity includes ensuring the EN tribal community has the necessary programming, analytical, IT security, and IT network skills so they can fully utilize the benefits of the EN as they manage their environmental programs. Tribes are also seeking to create a community of practice to exchange IT solutions and data management practices. Together these efforts will enhance the technical capacity to develop, deploy and maintain environmental information exchanges across tribes and the EN, leading to improved business or environmental management practices. More information on the EN Grants Program can be found at: https://www.epa.gov/exchangenetwork/exchange-network-grantprogram.
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