State Coastal Conservancy Proposition 1 Grants

The Coastal Conservancy is currently soliciting Proposition 1 grant proposals, applications are due April 30, 2019. The Proposition 1 Solicitation describes the grant program, its priorities, evaluation criteria, and other important information. In order to apply, applicants must submit a cover page and a project description. Applications for Prop 1 funding for restoration and ecosystem protection projects must include a completed Corps Consultation Review form. Nonprofit organizations are also required to complete a pre-award questionnaire as part of their application, unless they have recently submitted one to us.

Proposition 1 grants fund multi-benefit ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration projects. The Conservancy adopted its Proposition 1 Grant Program Guidelines in September 2016. Priority project types include: water sustainability improvements, anadromous fish habitat enhancement, wetland restoration and urban greening. For more details on the Coastal Conservancy’s priorities, please review our Strategic Plan.

Funding Entity: 
Application Due Date: 
January 2019 – Release RFP January 29, 2019 – Informational Webinar, registration information in the Grant Solicitation April 30 2019 – Applications Due May-Sept 2019 – Evaluation Fall 2019 & Later – Grants Awarded