Region 9 Wetland Program Development Grant

Wetland Program Development Grants (WPDGs) assist state, tribal, local government (S/T/LG) agencies and interstate/intertribal entities in developing or refining state/tribal/local programs which protect, manage, and restore wetlands. The primary focus of these grants is to develop/refine state and tribal wetland programs. A secondary focus is to develop/refine local (e.g. county or municipal) programs. Projects must be performed within one or more of the states of EPA Region 9 -- specifically California, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, and the Pacific Islands -- to be eligible to apply for funding. In the case of inter-jurisdictional watershed projects, they must be primarily implemented in EPA Region 9. This document describes the grant selection and award process for eligible applicants interested in applying for WPDGs under this announcement.

CFDA Number: 
66.461 -- Regional Wetland Program Development Grants
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Additional Eligibility Information: 
States, tribes, local government agencies, interstate agencies, and intertribal consortia are eligible to apply under this announcement, as further described herein. Universities that are agencies of a state government are eligible but must include documentation demonstrating that they are chartered as part of a state government in the application submission.