Partnership for Resilient Communities

This year the Institute for Sustainable Communities is growing the Partnership for Resilient Communities with a new round of funding that will allow us to add additional partners to the program’s cohort. This round of the PRC will include a six-month planning phase and a two-year implementation phase. This request for proposals is seeking 6-8 organizations to participate in the six-month planning phase, which will prepare them to advocate for and implement equitable climate resilience projects in their communities.

Scope of Work
Partnership for Resilient Communities planning phase grantees will have the opportunity to deepen their involvement and leadership in local climate resilience efforts, identify their capacity-building needs, and receive technical assistance to bolster their capacity and influence. Over the six-month planning phase grantees will also develop a multi-year implementation proposal including a work plan for infrastructure projects, community engagement, policy advocacy and adoption, and the development of economic opportunities that drive equitable climate resilience in their communities. A number of the plans developed during the planning phase will be selected for the PRC implementation phase.

During the planning phase grantees will:

  • Bring a team of 4-5 people to attend one in-person peer-learning event in winter 2020.
  • Engage in other peer learning, technical assistance and capacity-building opportunities to grow their leadership and influence in the climate resilience space.
  • Participate in monthly planning and project support calls.
  • Develop a two-year implementation plan that will be used as a basis for implementation grant application.
  • Grant support can be used to cover staff time, travel, community engagement/education, supplies and consultants. Grantees will be awarded $25,000 for the six-month period.

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