Community Air Grant

The Air Grants Program's aim is to provide support for community-based organizations to participate in the AB 617 process, and to build capacity to become active partners with government to identify, evaluate, and ultimately reduce air pollution and exposure to harmful emissions in their communities.

Community Air Grants projects shall further the purposes of AB 617 and AB 32 in California communities. Under the Community Air Grants Program, this goal shall be
accomplished by projects that build capacity in communities through supporting community-based organizations’ and community members’ participation in the
implementation of AB 617, including, but not limited to, the development of methods to acquire new or better information regarding air quality and related health impacts,
as well as measures to reduce air pollution in over-burdened communities and to facilitate greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Funding Entity: 

The maximum funding amount that may be requested for an Air Grants project under this solicitation is $100,000 for Education Projects and $300,000 for Technical Projects

Application Due Date: