Supplemental Environmental Projects

The Air Resources Board (CARB) Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) Policy allows community-based projects to be funded from a portion of the penalties received during settlement of enforcement actions. SEPs can improve public health, reduce pollution, increase environmental compliance, and bring public awareness to neighborhoods most burdened by environmental harm.

We are currently seeking project proposals that could be funded under proposed policy changes to CARB’s SEP Policy.

In order to qualify, project proposals must meet all the following criteria:

  • Reduce direct/indirect air emissions or exposure to air pollution (e.g. Diesel PM, NOX, Greenhouse gases, VOCs, etc.)
  • Relate to the violation
  • Not benefit the violator
  • Go above and beyond regulatory requirements
  • Demonstrate that the proposal is technically, economically and legally feasible.
  • Pursuant to Assembly Bill 1071, higher consideration will be given to projects within or that benefit disadvantaged communities.

In order for a project to be considered for funding, a SEP Proposal Form with supporting documentation is required. These proposals must meet the minimum requirements as listed above.

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