Technical Assistance for Transformative Climate Communities Program

The Strategic Growth Council (SGC) is pleased to announce that technical assistance (TA) for the concept phase of the Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Program is now available for applicants intending to apply for TCC Implementation Grants. Applicants intending to apply for a TCC Planning Grant are not eligible for TCC TA.

During this phase of TA, the SGC’s goal is to help eligible applicants develop competitive Concept Proposals for the TCC Program. All TA will be facilitated through a third-party Technical Assistance Provider selected by the SGC. These services are offered at no cost to the TA recipient. The SGC will be responsible for allocating TA resources and services.

If interested in receiving Concept Proposal TA, applicants must respond to the online questionnaire which can be accessed through the link below by September 4, 2017.


Funding Entity: 
Application Due Date: 
Implementing Sector
Implementing Sector: 
Strategic Growth Council
Additional Eligibility Information: 
Eligible applicants may include, but are not limited to: community-based organizations, local governments, nonprofit organizations, philanthropic organizations and foundations, faith-based organizations, coalitions or associations of nonprofit organizations, community development finance institutions, community development corporations, joint powers authorities, and/or tribal governments.

Agency Contact(s)

Name Contact Email Contact Phone Number Contact Information
Daniela Simunovic (916) 834-9644