Technical Assistance for the Active Transportation Program

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership can assist your efforts to make your community a place where kids can easily be active and healthy. They are offering long-term, free technical assistance to under-resourced communities in California that would like to seek funding through the state’s Active Transportation Program (ATP) for projects that support walking, bicycling and Safe Routes to School.

Specifically, they can help four communities or agencies develop a competitive application in ATP Cycle 5, for which the Call for Projects is scheduled in the first half of 2020.

Funding Entity: 
Incentive Amount: 

Technical assistance over several months valued at more than $20,000 to help you submit the strongest possible application.

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Implementing Sector
Implementing Sector: 
Safe Routes to School National Partnership
Additional Eligibility Information: 
Eligibility is limited to agencies and organizations who are eligible to apply to the State of California’s Active Transportation Program, but who have not previously received ATP funding (applicants that have received funding for a plan may apply for technical assistance on a subsequent infrastructure application). At the current time, eligible applicants include local government agencies, school districts and other government entities. Nonprofits and community-based organizations are only eligible to apply for non-infrastructure projects, or to partner with an eligible government agency for a plan or infrastructure project.
Active Transportation
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Technical Assistance
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