The Bright Schools Program

As budgets are shrinking, costs for school operations keep going up. One way to save money is by reducing your energy costs. The Bright Schools Program offers services to help identify the most cost-effective energy saving opportunities for your facilities.

Who is Eligible?
  • K-12 Public School Districts
  • Charter Schools
  • State Special Schools
  • County Offices of Education*
  • Community Colleges*
*County Offices of Education and Community Colleges seeking funding under the California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Proposition 39) may now apply for technical assistance under the Bright Schools Program.

Existing Facilities
With an energy audit of your facilities, we can identify energy-savings projects. Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) or Community Colleges planning renovations can benefit from our technical assistance services. For existing LEAs, the Bright Schools Program can:

  • Provide energy audits and feasibility studies.
  • Review existing proposals and designs.
  • Develop equipment performance specifications.
  • Review equipment bid specifications.
  • Review commissioning plans.
Funding Entity: 

The CEC will provide technical assistance services up to $20,000 of their consultant's costs.

Application Due Date: 
Continuously open.
Additional Eligibility Information: 
K-12 Public School Districts, Charter Schools, State Special Schools, County Offices of Education, Community Colleges