2023/2024 Monkfish Research Set Aside

Due Date
Where the Opportunity is Offered
All of California
Ryan Silva

NMFS, in coordination with the New England and Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Councils (Councils), is soliciting proposals under the Monkfish Research Set Aside (RSA) Program. Projects funded under the Monkfish RSA Program must enhance the knowledge of the monkfish fishery resource or contribute to the body of information on which monkfish management decisions are made. Priority will be given to proposals that investigate research priorities developed by the Council, which are detailed under the Program Priorities section of this announcement.Successful applicants will be awarded monkfish RSA days-at-sea (DAS). No federal funds are provided for research under this notification. Rather, proceeds generated from the sale of RSA DAS will be used to fund approved activities.New Program Requirements and Updates:Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety: Fieldwork activities may require additional safety inspections and permitting per US Coast Guard safety requirements. Documentation must be filed with NOAA and approved prior to initiating on-water activities. Complete information concerning this requirement is provided under section IV.B of this announcement.Recipients will be required to submit receipts, or other proof of purchase for any equipment or supplies costing $5,000 or more. The receipts should be included on the next scheduled progress report after the purchase has been made.Section IV – The following parts within this section have been updated: Content and Form of Application; Format; Proposal Content Requirements and Guidelines; and Project Costs and Budget Narrative. Questions on the new requirements should be directed to the Program Officer.Section VI.C – Reporting. Final reports must meet Section 508 Standards. These standardsensure equitable access to final reports. Questions on this requirement should be directed to theProgram Officer.Section V.A.3 The technical score for overall application qualifications has been increased from 10 to 20 points, and now includes consideration of the applicant's knowledge and experience with how funds are derived under an RSA award, and the concept of RSA compensation fishing.

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