Electrified Dairy Feed Mixing Program

Where the Opportunity is Offered
San Joaquin Valley
Eligible Applicant

The District has developed this new pilot incentive program to target the installation of electric feed mixing equipment and further reduce diesel emissions from tractors and other mobile equipment and vehicles at Valley dairies and other confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). The primary emission reductions from this program will be from the elimination of existing ag tractors that mix and deliver feed, the elimination or reduction in usage of on-road trucks used to deliver feed, and reduction in usage of any remaining off-road equipment used in the feeding process. Further emission reductions and cost-savings to Valley dairies and CAFO's will be achieved through increased efficiencies of the new systems that result in an overall reduction in feed mixing equipment usage. Due to the complexity of this program, it is strongly advised that interested applicants speak with program staff to ensure proper submittal of an application.