Award Amount
Maximum Amount
Assistance Type
Funding Source
Implementing Entity
Due Date
Where the Opportunity is Offered
All of California
Eligible Applicant
Additional Eligibility Information
Please see Section III of the announcement for eligibility information.
Questions about this RFA must be submitted in writing via e-mail to the Agency Contact identified below by Wednesday

EPA is soliciting applications from eligible entities to serve as a Regional EFC for an EPA Region (either covering the entire Region or a specific geographic area of the Region) or as a National EFC for EPA Headquarters. EPA encourages all eligible applicants to apply and recognizes that new applicants are essential to expanding the pool of service providers able to address the environmental and financial challenges the nation faces. New applicants may help to expand the pool and increase diversity in supporting projects that help disadvantaged communities. New applicants are applicants that have not received an EFC award from EPA in the past 10 years. A Regional EFC will either provide services for BIL funded water related activities or will provide services that address multi-environmental media activities, which may also include water related activities that are not funded through BIL. EPA will award separate grants to Regional EFCs for BIL funded water activities and multi-environmental media activities that are not funded with BIL appropriations. National EFC(s) will provide BIL funded water related activities. Regional EFCs will provide eligible services either across their designated EPA Region or within a specific geographical regional or local area. One or more National EFCs will provide eligible services across the country and can be located anywhere in the United States. The National EFC(s) will also serve to address any gaps that may exist in the Regional Water Infrastructure BIL Funded EFCs to ensure that these services reach geographically diverse communities, of varying sizes, and serve urban, suburban, and rural populations. In addition, the National EFC(s) may also support Regional Water Infrastructure BIL Funded EFCs by providing subawards to eligible subrecipients if additional funding is available.

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