Highlands Conservation Act Grant Program Fiscal Year 2019 Notice of Funding Opportunity Competitive Funding Round 2

Award Amount
Maximum Amount
Assistance Type
Funding Source
Implementing Entity
Due Date
Where the Opportunity is Offered
All of California
Eligible Applicant
Shelley Dibona 413 253-8509

The Highlands Conservation Act (H.R. 1964, 2004; 16 U.S.C. 3901)(HCA) is designed to assist Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania in conserving land and natural resources in the Highlands Region through Federal assistance for land conservation projects in which a State entity acquires land or an interest in land from a willing seller to permanently protect resources of high conservation value. The USDA Forest Service (USFS) has identified lands that have high conservation value through the New York-New Jersey Highlands Regional Study: 2002 Update and the Highlands Regional Study: Connecticut and Pennsylvania 2010 Update. Subject to availability of funds through Federal appropriation, each year, Governors of the four Highlands States may submit proposals for up to 50% of the total cost of land conservation projects in the Highlands Region. Proposed projects must be consistent with areas identified in the Study and Update as having high resource value. This program funds land conservation by State agencies in the Highlands Region. HCA-funded acquisitions meet Department of the Interior priorities for Federal financial assistance by helping create a conservation stewardship second only to Teddy Roosevelt, restoring trust with local communities, and utilizing our natural resources. State land acquisition increases public access to land for recreational opportunities, including hunting and fishing. The program exemplifies the priority of utilizing our natural resources, such as drinking water, by recognizing their importance and conserving their utility for current and future generations of Americans. The program restores trust with our local communities through partnering with State agencies to fund state and local projects.

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