NOAA Ocean Acidification Program Education Mini-Grant Program

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All of California
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This solicitation announces that up to $300,000 may be available in FY 2022 in award amounts to be determined by the proposals and available funds. We anticipate funding between 3-8 awards depending on award size and appropriations. Individual awards are limited to a maximum of $40,000 for no more than a 24 month period. The amount of funding that Ocean Acidification Program may recommend will be based on a merit review process and pre-award negotiations between the applicant(s) and Ocean Acidification Program. The Ocean Acidification Program Director may defer selected proposals for consideration for funding in the subsequent, or later, fiscal years.
Erica Ombres 301.734.1072

The Ocean Acidification Program education mini-grant initiative, is a competitively based program that supports coastal and ocean acidification education programs that are responsive to the goals of the NOAA OA Education Implementation Plan and the 2021-2040 NOAA Education Strategic Plan. Priority goals include engaging diverse audiences in ocean acidification education and outreach, matching ocean acidification communication needs with existing research, education and outreach activities, while developing innovative approaches for community involvement. These goals are part of NOAA's efforts to increase Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEI&A as defined in this executive order…) in ocean literacy, stewardship, and workforce development, particularly in inland and underserved communities.

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