Track II Programs

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All of California
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The following organizations are eligible to apply: • Armenian, U.S. and International not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks and civil society/non-governmental organizations.• Independent media outlets registered in Armenia.
Public Diplomacy Section

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The United States Embassy is pleased to announce an open call for proposals from interested organizations for a Track II program offering. This program will focus on efforts to create conditions for peace between the people of Armenia-Azerbaijan and Armenia-Turkey. Proposed programs may include initiatives with such elements as research, education, awareness-raising, and confidence-building measures. Program Objectives: · To solidify and expand the network of existing leaders/facilitators for people-to-people diplomacy between Armenia-Azerbaijan and Armenia-Turkey. · To increase accumulated knowledge and understanding of the current landscape and potential for engagement in the post-conflict environment. · To contribute to changing public perceptions between Armenia-Azerbaijan and Armenia-Turkey. · To explore the potential for new models of interaction to advance regional peace. · To promote an atmosphere of tolerance and enhanced mutual understanding, utilizing people-to-people contacts, informal networks, and mechanisms to educate and involve the broader society in each community. Participants and Audiences: Proposed projects may involve youth, journalists, academics, and/or other opinion leaders and influencers to help connect people on both sides of the conflict. This notice is subject to the availability of funding.

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