Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) Center

Award Amount
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Due Date
Where the Opportunity is Offered
All of California
Eligible Applicant
Robin K. Hobbs

NOFO Amendment A00001 (dated 1/25/2022): The purpose of this amendment is the replace the previously-provided NOFO document with a revised version. Revisions consist of corrections to Table 1 on page 9 of 74, and updating contact information for FHWA personnel. All other portions of the NOFO remain unchanged.[END OF AMENDMENT A00001]The FHWA is accepting applications from all interested, eligible parties to assist in the delivery of the TTAP. The TTAP is the Tribal component of the FHWA Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) managed by FHWA’s Innovative Workforce Development (HIT) Team located in the Office of Innovation Management, Education and Partnerships. The TTAP serves American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes (Tribes) with the establishment of regional TTAP Centers. “One TTAP, Seven TTAP Centers”TTAP Vision: Through mutual respect and understanding, enhance the quality of life in Tribal communities by building capacity for Tribes to administer and manage their transportation programs and systems.TTAP Center Mission: Serve as a go-to local resource for Tribal transportation training, technical assistance, and technology transfer needs and opportunities to effectively carry out the TTAP Vision. Under the TTAP there will be seven TTAP Centers serving the associated Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) regions and associated Tribes, as listed below, and detailed on Table 1 on page 8.1. Eastern TTAP Center - includes all Tribes in the Eastern and Midwest BIA regions2. Southern TTAP Center - includes all Tribes in the Eastern Oklahoma and Southern Plains BIA regions3. Southwestern TTAP Center - includes all Tribes in the Southwest and Navajo BIA regions4. Northern TTAP Center - includes all Tribes in the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains BIA regions5. Western TTAP Center - includes all Tribes in the Pacific and Western BIA regions6. Northwestern TTAP Center - includes all Tribes in the Northwest BIA region7. Alaskan TTAP Center - includes all Tribes in the Alaska BIA regionEach TTAP Center will provide transportation services in coordination with the FHWA TTAP Program Manager. The TTAP Program Manager will provide program support including national scale services to supplement regional local TTAP Center services.This opportunity is being issued under assistance listing number 20.215 - Highway Training & Education. FHWA anticipates awarding one agreement for each TTAP Center, for a total of seven cost-reimbursable cooperative agreements.

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