U.S. Embassy Bangkok FY2022 YSEALI Enviro-Tech Regional Workshop

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All of California
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U.S. public and private educational institutions; U.S. not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks; Foreign public and private educational institutions; Foreign not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks
Public Affairs Section

A. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok announces an open competition for a cooperative agreement under the aegis of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) to develop and implement the YSEALI Enviro-Tech Regional Workshop – a six-day workshop in Bangkok (inclusive of arrival and departure days) on climate change adaptation, resilience efforts, and innovative use of emerging technology such as AI, clean energy, and biotech to address common environmental challenges pending the availability of funds. Please note that this award is subject to availability of funding. Please carefully follow all instructions below. Priority Region: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Timor-Leste. Program Objectives: YSEALI (yseali.state.gov) is the U.S. government’s signature initiative to engage emerging leaders in Southeast Asia. The program aims to create a network of young Southeast Asian leaders who work across national borders to address common problems. Through a variety of programs and engagements, YSEALI seeks to build the leadership capabilities of youth in the region, strengthen ties between the United States and Southeast Asia, and develop a community of leaders addressing regional concerns. YSEALI is open to young leaders ages 18-35 who are both citizens and residents of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member countries (Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) or Timor-Leste. YSEALI programs focus on four themes (Economic Growth, Sustainable Development, Education, and Civic Engagement) because youth in the region identified them as priorities. YSEALI also organizes annual Regional Workshops across Southeast Asia on strategic topics. Focusing on youth and social action, the YSEALI Enviro-Tech Regional Workshop will aim to advance the YSEALI theme of Sustainable Development and U.S. Embassy Bangkok’s strategic goals by examining how technology and regional collaboration can help protect the environment and mitigate climate change. This workshop will bring together 60 YSEALI members from ASEAN countries and Timor Leste who have an interest in environmental development, environmental science, green technology, a commitment to a healthy environment, social equity, economic vitality, and the ability to lead. YSEALI leaders will have the opportunity to share new ideas and perspectives on how to address some of the region's most pressing environmental issues such as pollution, water management, sustainable agricultural practices, ecotourism, renewable energy, upstream hydropower dams, and food security. The workshop should look at environmental issues in a globalized society and examine approaches taken by the United States and countries in the region. The concepts of leadership, giving back, and strengthening a Southeast Asian/ASEAN identity based on shared values and shared challenges should be integrated into the program. The workshop should include field work at organizations where innovative approaches are used to combat climate change and protect the environment. Additionally, the program should integrate cultural activities and site visits that highlight ASEAN culture and U.S.-ASEAN relations. The proposal should include workshop follow-on activities such as virtual collaborative work, projects funded through small seed grants, and/or ongoing mentorship. The follow-on activity should be included in the monitoring and evaluation plan. The proposal should include a pre and post workshop survey to measure the overall effectiveness of the workshop as well as any changes to the participants’ knowledge of the workshop topic. Workshop speakers/facilitators/mentors should be citizens of the United States, an ASEAN member country, or Timor-Leste. The workshop should also include a cultural or community service component that promotes ASEAN unity, and the United States as a partner to ASEAN. The recipient is expected to develop syllabus materials and an event program with participant and speaker biographies, as well as design banners, backdrops, and other printed materials. The recipient is expected to design a digital engagement strategy for workshop participants and social media audiences, including live video or live online engagement during the program. No new website specific to the event should be created or launched. Domain hosting and build costs will not be covered. Participants and Audiences: The recipient will coordinate with U.S. Embassy Bangkok and with the U.S. embassies in ASEAN and Timor-Leste to recruit and select the final 60 participants. Participants will be between the ages of 18-35 and have an interest in environmental development, environmental science, green technology, a commitment to a healthy environment, social equity, and economic vitality. The recruitment process should ensure that the pool of applicants reflect different regions of the country, not just capital cities. All participants must be proficient in written and spoken English. All programs must include participants from all ten ASEAN member countries and Timor-Leste. The workshop will be conducted in English. The recipient will be responsible for arranging and using cooperative agreement funds to cover all elements related to participant and staff travel including international and domestic flights, visas, travel to and from airports, visas, accommodations, per diem, meals during the program, insurance, COVID-19 testing, etc. B. FEDERAL AWARD INFORMATION Length of performance period: September 2022 to April 2024 Number of awards anticipated: One Award amounts: Award may range from a minimum of $150,000 to a maximum of $250,000. Subject to availability of funding. Total available funding: $250,000 Type of Funding: FY22 Public Diplomacy Funds Anticipated program start date: August 2023 This notice is subject to availability of funding. Funding Instrument Type: [Cooperative agreement]. The U.S. Embassy Bangkok will have substantial involvement in the development, content, and schedule of the workshop. In consultation with U.S. Embassy Bangkok, the award recipient must actively engage all relevant U.S. embassies related to the recruitment and selection process as well as communication with the participants. Working closely with U.S. Embassy Bangkok, the recipient of this cooperative agreement shall develop a robust program for the workshop; schedule the event at a mutually agreed upon location; manage the application and selection process through a secure portal; develop the agenda and content for the workshop; recruit speaker(s); manage all travel logistics for participants and speakers; and generate content for social media and other publicity. The recipient is expected to provide all design files, photos and video recorded, as well as a promotion-ready, U.S. Embassy-approved photo album and a video series of the workshop after completion. Regular, transparent communication via email, phone and video conference calls and face-to-face meetings (as appropriate) with the Grants Officer, Grants Officer Representative, and Program Officer throughout the period of performance is critical to the success of this cooperative agreement. All major elements of the program and its content require advance approval by U.S. Embassy Bangkok, including, but not limited to: Choices of dates, venue, accommodations, and menus; Final selection of participants, mentors, and speakers (from the United States, an ASEAN member country, or Timor-Leste); Titles, format, and content of workshop sessions and other program activities; Design and content of all marketing materials, publicity, and media products. Program Performance Period: Proposed programs should be completed in 12 months or less. The workshop must be a minimum of six full days, including travel days. C. ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION 1. Eligible Applicants The following organizations are eligible to apply: U.S. public and private educational institutions U.S. not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks Foreign public and private educational institutions Foreign not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks 2. Cost Sharing or Matching Cost sharing is not required. 3. Other Eligibility Requirements In order to be eligible to receive an award, all organizations must have a unique entity identifier (Data Universal Numbering System/DUNS number from Dun & Bradstreet), as well as a valid registration on www.SAM.gov. Please see Section D.3 for information on how to obtain these registrations. Individuals are not required to have a unique entity identifier or be registered in SAM.gov. Please refer to "APPLICATION AND SUBMISSION INFORMATION" under the "Related Documents" tab.

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