Strategic Growth Council's Technical Assistance Program

Assistance Type
Funding Source
Where the Incentive is Offered
All of California
Ena Lupine

The program provides application assistance, partnership development and capacity building activities for eligible California Climate Investments applicants and is administered by the Strategic Growth Council to create more equitable opportunities by helping under-resourced applicants access funding.

The California Climate Investments Technical Assistance Program supports communities in applying to the California Climate Investments (CCI) funding programs. Created in 2016, the program aims to level the playing field for applicants that may lack the capacity to successfully access these funds, particularly those in that live in the state’s most disadvantaged communities. The Strategic Growth Council (SGC) works alongside a number of State agencies that implement CCI programs to provide application assistance, partnership development and capacity building activities to eligible applicants, enabling them to positively impact their communities. 

Each California Climate Investments program has its own set of goals and intended outcomes, meaning specific technical expertise is often required. In order to provide assistance that is tailored to each program, the SGC has divided resources amongst many of the agencies that administer programs. In many cases, technical assistance is provided through a partnership between state agencies and outside organizations with expertise in each program’s focus. A description of each of the participating CCI programs is listed below.

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