Colton Electric Weatherization Rebate Program

Where the Rebate is Offered
Colton Electric Utility Users
Eligible Applicant

The City of Colton Electric Utility now offers residential customers generous rebates for installing replacement windows and insulation. Rebates are provided for the following product list:

  • Windows must meet Energy Star approval with a U-Factor less than 0.35 and SHGC less than 0.30.
    • Rebate is $4 per square foot
  • Insulation may be added to the attic, and/or exterior walls. Rebates will also be provided for the radiant barrier installed within the attic space. Insulation and radiant barrier must meet the following R-Values:
    • Attic Insulation - Minimum R-30: Rebate is $0.40 per square foot
    • Radiant Barrier - Minimum R-19: Rebate is $0.30 per square foot
    • Exterior Walls - Minimum R-13: Rebate is $0.20 per square foot