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Title Due Date Maximum Award Amount Description
Drive Clean in the San Joaquin No Due Date Given Varies

Attention San Joaquin Valley residents! The Valley Air District provides several great options to significantly reduce or even eliminate the pollution that comes from using your car.
SLO Wood Smoke Reduction Program No Due Date Given Varies

The San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) is implementing the Woodsmoke Reduction Program throughout San Luis Obispo County.  The Woodsmoke Reduction Program is part of a statewide program supported by the “California Climate Investments” (CCI) program that provides grants, as shown in the table below, to qualified applicants who replace existing wood burning stoves or fireplaces that are used as a primary source of heat in their home.  Applicants can replace their old device with a natural gas, propane heating device, or a U.S. EPA certified wood stove or wood stove insert. Questions about our program and to see if you qualify, email us at
Sacramento Metro AQMD Wood Stove & Fireplace Incentive Programs No Due Date Given Varies

There are an estimated 320,000 fireplaces and wood stoves in Sacramento County homes. Wood smoke created from the use of wood and pellets in these devices is a significant source of particulate matter, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, toxic air contaminants and odors, especially during the winter. These pollutants are linked to serious health impacts. 

The Sac Metro Air District is committed to reducing pollution coming from wood burning fireplaces and wood stoves. It has an incentive program that helps people change out their existing wood burning units to cleaner units, and an enforcement program to stimulate compliance with rules related to wintertime burning activities.
Placer County APCD Chimney Smoke Reduction Incentive Program No Due Date Given Varies

Eligible applicants can receive a rebate for $500 or $600, and if income eligible up to $2500, to offset the cost of replacing an old, non-EPA certified wood stove or fireplace insert with a cleaner-burning stove or insert. Interested applicants in Placer and El Dorado counties can apply by calling the El Dorado Air Quality Management District at (530) 621-7501.
El Dorado County AQMD Clean Lawnmower Incentive Program No Due Date Given Varies

Pre-approval is required before you dispose of your old mower under the CLIP program.  An office visit is not required, you may APPLY ONLINE FOR CLIP and we will approve your application within 24 hours during the week, and on the next business day if applied on weekend or holidays.
El Dorado County AQMD Chimney Smoke RIP Program No Due Date Given Varies

If you are in need of a pre-approval stove inspection to verify your stove qualifies or to start the application process, give us a call at (530) 621-7501 or email us at  We will respond within 24 hours by phone or email if you don't reach a live person when calling.
Valley Clean Energy EV Rebates No Due Date Given Varies

There are plenty of reasons to be thinking about driving an electric vehicle these days. They cost far less to run than standard combustion engine cars, require less maintenance, are extremely efficient, quiet to run, eliminate tailpipe emissions, and are incredibly fun to drive. You can even charge them at home from a standard 120V outlet. 

Whether you're just beginning to think about replacing your current car with an electric model, or already driving one, here is some information you might find helpful.
Silicon Valley Clean Energy Residential Programs No Due Date Given Varies

Silicon Valley Clean Energy is helping residents switch from polluting natural gas to clean electricity for your home and car to improve local air quality, help you save money and create a more comfortable and safer home.
San Jose Clean Energy EV Rebates No Due Date Given Varies

Drive on Clean, Renewable Electricity

Replacing your gas guzzler with an Electric Vehicle (EV) will save you money and help fight climate change.

More than 60% of San José’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. SJCE is committed to getting more San Joseans in EVs to help reduce air pollution and preserve our planet for future generations.
Pioneer Community Energy Incentive Programs No Due Date Given Varies

Pioneer’s two primary programs are the CCA Program and the mPOWER Program

The CCA Program provides electric generation for customers in PG&E territory. The purpose of the CCA Program is to provide lower and more stable rates, to invest in the local economy and to support and create local jobs by investing in local electric generation projects.

The mPOWER Program provides fixed-rate, no money down financing to residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, multifamily and non-profit property owners for energy efficiency upgrades, water conservation measures, and energy generation systems. mPOWER is available throughout Placer County (including the City of Roseville), all of Nevada County, and the City of Folsom.

Pioneer Customers are also eligible for most PG&E Programs

Because Pioneer customers remain PG&E customers for transmission and delivery, Pioneer customers can still participate in the following public purpose programs administered by PG&E on behalf of the California Public Utilities Commission: