U.S. Mission to Armenia

Title Due Date Maximum Award Amount Description
Media and Information Literacy Hackathon $70,000.00

The U.S. Embassy Yerevan, of the U.S. Department of State, announces an open competition for organizations to submit a statement of interest (SOI) to implement the “Media and Information Literacy Hackathon” program in Armenia. The goal of this program is to promote the creative thinking and problem-solving skills of the Armenian youth and to empower them to produce innovative solutions that can advance media and information literacy in Armenia. Specific project objectives include: · Objective 1: Organize a media and information literacy hackathon in Armenia that will advance the creative thinking, entrepreneurial, and problem-solving skills of around 50 young Armenians, aged 16-30, with a focus on university students. · Objective 2: Through the hackathon activity, empower the Armenian youth to ideate at least 10 innovative solutions aimed at promoting overall media/information literacy and disinformation resiliency in Armenia. · Objective 3: Support the implementation of at least three media and information literacy solutions, proposed within the hackathon, and introduce the resources to at least 200 beneficiaries through awareness-raising activities.

U.S. Alumni Outreach Fund $250,000.00

The U.S. Embassy Yerevan, of the U.S. Department of State, announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to carry out a program that will encourage networking among the alumni of U.S. government-supported exchange programs (hereinafter referred to as USG alumni) and will support the efforts of this community aimed at promoting democratic advancement, civic education, youth empowerment, and economic development in Armenia.

Democracy Commission Small Grants Program Competition $50,000.00

The United States Embassy is pleased to announce the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program competition for FY 2023. The program supports initiatives that develop democratic institutions and support civil society capacity building in Armenia. Grants may support initiatives within the following thematic areas: Promotion of civil society and association building; Free flow of information (including support for independent media); Transparency in government; Rule of law and legal reform; Public education and advocacy (including civic education); Democratic political processes; Conflict resolution; Protection of human rights and promotion of tolerance; Anti-trafficking and anti-corruption; Ethnic minority, LGBTQ+, and gender equality; and Women’s empowerment. However, the priority program objectives for 2023 are: · Protection of human rights and promotion of tolerance; · Conflict resolution; and · Advancing equity and inclusion of ethnic minorities and LGBTQ+ populations, gender equality; and Women’s empowerment. All projects should explain how the proposed activities impact Armenia’s democratic development and further the long-term goals of the organization. Project proposals should describe specific objectives and expected outcomes. Proposals focused primarily on training or capacity building will not be considered unless the training will lead to concrete, measurable outcomes. Collaborative projects between partnering NGOs are strongly encouraged.

Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) $35,000.00

The Embassy of the United States in Yerevan announces an open competition for past participants (“alumni”) of U.S. government-funded and U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs to submit applications to the 2023 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF 2023). We seek proposals from teams of at least two alumni that meet all program eligibility requirements below. Exchange alumni interested in participating in AEIF 2023 should submit proposals to yerevangrants@state.gov by March 20, 2023, 11:59 p.m. (local, Armenia time). Applications submitted directly to ECA will not be accepted.AEIF provides alumni of U.S. government-sponsored and facilitated exchange programs with funding to expand on skills gained during their exchange experience to design and implement innovative solutions to global challenges facing their community. Since its inception in 2011, AEIF has funded nearly 500 alumni-led projects around the world through a competitive global competition.U.S. Embassy Yerevan will accept public service projects proposed and managed by teams of at least two (2) alumni that support the following themes:➢ Strengthen Democracy and Rule of Law➢ Supporting Gender Equity and Women's Full Participation in Public Life➢ Supporting Civil Society Capacity Building and Civic Activism➢ Promoting Entrepreneurship, Economic Growth, and a STEM Future➢ Advancing Food Security and Sustainable Food Systems➢ Support social inclusion of people with disabilities and refugees through art, sport, education etc.

Establishing a University Partnership for a Center of Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) in Armenia $1,185,000.00

The U.S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy Yerevan announces an open competition for a cooperative agreement for a U.S. university, housing a journalism school of international stature, and an Armenian university, to establish a university partnership to create a Master of Arts (MA) degree program in Journalism and a Center for Excellence (CEJ) in Journalism in Armenia. The initiative will advance the Embassy’s goal of bolstering the ability of independent media in Armenia to effectively inform the public, counter misinformation, and advance shared democratic values by building a pipeline of professionally trained journalists capable of producing quality journalism. The project will also facilitate lasting connections between an Armenian and American institution of higher education.

U.S.-Armenia Professional Partnership in Journalism (PPJ) $1,086,250.00

The U.S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy Yerevan announces an open competition for organizations with expertise in journalism education and training to implement the “U.S. - Armenia Professional Partnership in Journalism” program. The goal of the program is to support the Armenian media sector’s overall resilience to disinformation, strengthen professional reporting skills and standards, and cultivate U.S.-Armenian professional partnerships in journalism by instituting an exchange program for Armenian professional journalists and media managers. The exchange program will incorporate a training institute and a fellowship placement for Armenian media professionals in a U.S. media outlet/institution for hands-on learning and relationship-building.The “U.S.-Armenia Professional Partnership in Journalism" program is expected to involve approximately 65-75 broadcast and print journalists, editors, and media managers from Armenia, in a program designed to improve journalism skills through exchanges, a training institute, and month-long fellowship placements.

U.S. Embassy Yerevan PDS Annual Program Statement for Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 $50,000.00

The U.S. Embassy Yerevan Public Diplomacy Section (PDS) of the U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce that applications are being accepted for PDS Yerevan’s Small Grants Program. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and awarded pending funds availability. This is an Annual Program Statement, outlining our funding priorities, the strategic themes we focus on, and the procedures for submitting requests for funding. Projects must support the following priority goals:Reinforce U.S.-Armenian Shared Values, by funding proposals which: promote U.S. culture, including music, dance, arts, film, sports, and education, and support human rights, social inclusion, youth outreach, and women’s empowerment.Advance Regional and Global Security, by funding proposals that support reconciliation, peace-building, and lasting partnerships between the people of Armenia and Azerbaijan, and the people of Armenia and Turkey, including plans for continued cooperation after the project ends.Develop Media Capacity and Expand English Language Opportunities, by funding proposals that advance media literacy and train journalists and expand English language learning and training opportunities for journalists, students, and youth.Strengthen U.S.-Armenia Cultural and Educational Ties, by funding proposals that promote U.S. culture, including music, dance, arts, film, sports, and education, and bring together U.S. and Armenian artists, educators, and other experts together to collaborate and support artistic and cultural projects that advance human rights, social inclusion, youth outreach, and women’s empowerment.Advance Shared Prosperity, by funding proposals that foster economic empowerment, resilience, and shared prosperity through STEM education and entrepreneurship.Strengthen Democracy and Civil Society, by funding proposals that encourage transparency and accountability in governance, foster civic engagement and reforms, and promote democracy, trade and investment, rule of law, civic education, and entrepreneurship. NOTE: Most projects of this nature are funded under the Democracy Commission and Alumni Outreach small grants.The Public Diplomacy Section accepts proposals throughout the year that are reviewed pursuant to funding availability.

Track II Programs $300,000.00

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The United States Embassy is pleased to announce an open call for proposals from interested organizations for a Track II program offering. This program will focus on efforts to create conditions for peace between the people of Armenia-Azerbaijan and Armenia-Turkey. Proposed programs may include initiatives with such elements as research, education, awareness-raising, and confidence-building measures. Program Objectives: · To solidify and expand the network of existing leaders/facilitators for people-to-people diplomacy between Armenia-Azerbaijan and Armenia-Turkey. · To increase accumulated knowledge and understanding of the current landscape and potential for engagement in the post-conflict environment. · To contribute to changing public perceptions between Armenia-Azerbaijan and Armenia-Turkey. · To explore the potential for new models of interaction to advance regional peace. · To promote an atmosphere of tolerance and enhanced mutual understanding, utilizing people-to-people contacts, informal networks, and mechanisms to educate and involve the broader society in each community. Participants and Audiences: Proposed projects may involve youth, journalists, academics, and/or other opinion leaders and influencers to help connect people on both sides of the conflict. This notice is subject to the availability of funding.