Adopting a Public Health Approach to Traffic Safety

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All of California
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This NOFO is limited to organizations that demonstrate that they have the infrastructure in place, as well as the necessary staff and support to carry out the responsibilities of administering, coordinating, and implementing the conditions of this NOFO. Only organizations capable of fulfilling the criteria listed within this NOFO will be considered for an award. Applicant must have the existence of an organizational infrastructure that will allow staff time necessary to handle the day-to-day logistical needs for this project.To be eligible to participate in the Cooperative Agreement, Recipients will meet the following requirements:• Have more than five (5) years of professional and/or corporate organizational experience related to traffic safety and public health systems and knowledge of the role of each in reducing motor vehicle crashes and related injuries.• Have staff that understand the responsibilities of the traffic safety and public health communities and have knowledge of the challenges they face in collaborating to prevent motor vehicle crashes;• Have the capacity to provide assistance to members of these communities during normal work hours, Monday through Friday in the Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones;• Have experience in developing and providing program development assistance and conducting outreach to public health and traffic safety professionals; and• Know and understand the motor vehicle laws, challenges, and limitations in each State and nationwide.
Journey Gordon

The purpose of the Cooperative Agreement (CA) will be to develop a new program to build the capacity of State and local traffic agencies to address traffic safety issues using a public health approach. This program will be a pilot program, to be implemented with a limited number of local and State entities. To meet this purpose, NHTSA will provide financial assistance to a public health organization to develop methodologies and tools to adopt a public health approach to preventing motor-vehicle-crash-related injury and death, while also considering opportunities to address equity in highway traffic safety. The Recipient may establish one (1) Public Health Expert who may carry out the following performance goals to meet the purpose and objectives of the Agreement:• Inform State and local traffic agencies (e.g. State Highway Safety Offices) of the public health approach to traffic safety and its benefits• Develop new assessment and monitoring tools to investigate and address the traffic safety hazards including impaired driving and occupant protection• Facilitate community mobilization and partnerships between State and local traffic safety agencies and State and local public health agencies to implement best practices; as well as to assess equity disparities resulting from previous and current approachesIndicators for these outcomes can include but are not limited to a review of current applicable literature, the creation of a virtual resource database, the publication of case studies, and ongoing educational events such as webinars where information can be discussed. Success will be measured by participating State and local traffic safety agencies’ perceptions and sustained relationships with public health partners.

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