DOD Peer Reviewed Alzheimer’s, Transforming Care Award

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All of California
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The intent of the FY23 TCA is to support research that focuses on the realities of everyday living for the individual with AD/ADRD, their care partner/caregiver, and/or both, as well as the reaching impact on families and communities. For the purposes of this funding mechanism, “care” does not include medical care (such as medical interventions administered by a physician), as the care landscape extends beyond that of medical interventions to be inclusive of research into integration, education, and support.Key elements of this mechanism are:Person-centered research: All applications to the FY23 PRARP TCA should be person-centered. This mechanism is intended to provide answers and solutions in critical areas to improve quality of life, reduce burden and stress, and increase support for care partners. The research should have near-immediate impact on the intended beneficiaries. To facilitate success, the TCA requires community collaboration for all projects.Focus on outcomes: The intent of the TCA is to advance knowledge and capacity in the AD/ADRD care field. As such, applicants should clearly articulate outcomes, clearly demonstrate a pathway of feasibility and identify realistic approaches to scaling and community level implementation for widespread use. Additionally, applications should plan for and describe how the research will be manualized and fed back into the to the research, lived experience, and care communities. A milestone meeting will be requiredProjects supported by this mechanism must represent a non-incremental advance in the care field. Preliminary data are required. For this mechanism, studies utilizing animal models are not allowed.

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