Somalia Counter-VBIED Mobile Vehicle Check Point Program

Award Amount
Maximum Amount
Assistance Type
Funding Source
Implementing Entity
Due Date
Where the Opportunity is Offered
All of California
Eligible Applicant
Additional Eligibility Information
Foreign Public International Organizations (PIOs) and Governmental institutions; U.S. For-profit and Commercial firms, although it must be noted that U.S. Department of State generally prohibits profit under its assistance awards to for-profit or commercial organizations. (Profit is defined as any amount in excess of allowable direct and indirect costs.)

The Bureau of Counterterrorism (CT) of the U.S. Department of State announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to utilize existing Somalia Police Force (SPF) MVCP cadre to create three to four additional SPF mobile vehicle checkpoint (MVCP) teams to expand operations throughout Mogadishu intended to disrupt terrorists’ ability to use VBIEDs and to move lethal aid.

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