PG&E Energy Efficiency Financing

Minimum Amount
Maximum Amount
Assistance Type
Funding Source
Where the Loan is Offered
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Additional Eligibility Information
You must have been a PG&E commercial customer for at least 24 months with a good standing 12-month payment history to qualify.

PG&E offers 0% interest loans for replacing old and worn-out equipment with more energy-efficient models. We'll set you up with a loan repayment amount that is in line with the monthly energy savings from your upgrade. Your energy bill shouldn't increase due to your equipment investment. Once your loan is paid off, you will see savings on your bill.

Loans range between $5,000 and $4,000,000 per premise, with loan periods of up to 120 months.

In some circumstances, GoGreen Business Financing for small businesses might be a better option:

  • An expedited installation.
  • A loan of less than $5,000.
  • Project requires longer payback (i.e., windows, rooftop HVAC).
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