Fossil Energy Based Prodcution, Storage, Transport and Utilization of Hydrogen Approaching Net-Zero or Net-Negative Carbon Emissions

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All of California
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Raelynn Honkus 412-386-4992

This FOA will develop technologies to reinvigorate the use of the United States' vast fossil-fuel resources and power infrastructure for net-zero carbon energy and commodity production through the production, transport, storage, and utilization of fossil-based hydrogen with zero or negative carbon emissions.To achieve these goals, significant advances in technology, economics, and infrastructure must be made in areas of interest under the following program areas:Net Zero-or Negative-Carbon Hydrogen Production from Modular Gasification and Co-Gasification of Mixed Wastes, Biomass, and Traditional Feedstocks; Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell Technology Development; Carbon Capture; Advanced Turbines; Natural Gas-Based Hydrogen Production; Hydrogen Pipeline Infrastructure; Subsurface Hydrogen Storage.

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