Small Surface Water and Groundwater Storage Projects

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All of California
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Applicants eligible to receive an award under this NOFO include sponsors of small surface water and groundwater storage projects in the 17 Western States, including Alaska and Hawaii, that have submitted a Feasibility Study to Reclamation for review by November 15, 2022, and for which the study is found to meet all of the requirements of Temporary Reclamation Manual Release CMP TRMR-127 Small Surface Water and Groundwater Storage Projects Feasibility Review Process by December 31, 2022. State, Local, Other public institution/organization, Federally Recognized Indian Tribal Governments, Native American Organizations  
Christina Munoz

The U.S. Department of the Interior (Department), through the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) administers the Small Surface and Groundwater Storage Program (Small Storage Program) to promote Federal assistance to enhance water storage opportunities for future generations in support of the Department’s priorities. Reclamation leverages Federal and non-Federal funding to support stakeholder efforts to stretch scarce water supplies and avoid conflicts over water. Congress enacted the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), Public Law 117-58 on November 15, 2021. Title IX – Western Water Infrastructure was enacted to address water storage infrastructure that is critical to the Nation’s economic growth, health, and competitiveness. Section 40903 authorizes Reclamation to provide funding for small surface water storage and groundwater storage projects. Surface water and groundwater storage are essential tools in stretching the limited water supplies in the Western United States. Water storage projects enhance and make more reliable municipal and irrigation water supplies as well as provide opportunities to enhance groundwater management abilities and to provide water quality improvements and ecosystem benefits. These projects will provide Western communities with new sources of water and increase water management flexibility, making water supply more reliable. Water storage projects help water managers increase resilience to climate change and are directly aligned with Executive Order 14008: Tackling the Climate Crisis at Hone and Abroad , see…. Water storage projects are an important part of Reclamation and the Department of the Interior’s priorities. The objective of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is to invite sponsors of small surface water and groundwater storage projects (Projects) to request cost-shared funding for the planning, design, and/or construction of those Projects.

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