Lassen County APCD Carl Moyer Program

Where the Opportunity is Offered
Lassen County APCD
Eligible Applicant

The Lassen County Air Pollution Control District (Air District) is currently accepting application packets for Year 22 of the Carl Moyer Program. Applications can be submitted now through August 30, 2020. A Carl Moyer Application can be found below.

In Lassen County the Carl Moyer Program provide grant funding for qualifying projects. Applicants must obtain approval and have a signed, executed contract from the Air District prior to purchase and installation of any qualifying equipment. Any equipment purchased or installed prior to contract execution is ineligible. 

Eligible funding categories include:

  • Agricultural diesel engine projects (i.e. tractors, forklifts, baler, agricultural pumps, etc.)
  • On and off-road diesel projects (i.e. filters and/or replacements)